National Youth Policy Working Group Application

The Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation developed and produced a National Youth Policy 2021 with wide stakeholder consultation including young people and youth organizations including educators, Youth Parliament, Young Life, Youth Net, Chewstick, SCARS and more.  The development of this Policy fulfills a Throne Speech commitment.

The policy aims “to support, empower and engage Bermuda’s young people”.

Its vision is “to develop and empower Bermuda’s youth”.

Its mission is “to form a unified approach to tackle issues faced by Bermuda’s young people and provide them with the support to have positive and productive futures.” 

The National Youth Policy sets out 8 goals for Bermuda’s youth:

  1. Keep young people safe and protected from harm
  2. Achieve full potential in learning, development and education
  3. Minimize anti-social behaviour
  4. Increase employment and entrepreneurship opportunities
  5. Engage youth in sport, culture and recreation
  6. Support young people to be active and healthy
  7. Enable participation in civic engagement
  8. Encourage diversity and inclusion

A Working Group will be established to implement the policy. Expressions of Interest for the Working Group are being accepted until 17th December 2021. Final decisions will be made in February 2022.

The National Youth Policy website provides information on the policy and updates on progress.