The Premier of Bermuda

Burt, David

Premier the Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP, is Bermuda’s youngest Premier. He is a graduate of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where he graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Finance and Information Systems.

He was awarded The George Washington University Presidential Administrative Fellowship and received his Master of Science degree in Information Systems Development in 2003. Mr. Burt attained a Project Management Professional certification in 2009. He is also a licensed private pilot.

An entrepreneur, Premier Burt started GMD Consulting Limited, an IT consulting company focusing on project management. He served as President since its inception until 2016 when he stepped down upon being appointed Leader of the Opposition. Premier Burt co-founded HITCH Limited and was the lead developer for the award winning HITCH Mobile App enabling Bermuda Residents to hail taxis. 

In the past, Premier Burt has served on the Tourism Board, National Training Board, as a Director of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, and has been a Director of the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation. 

Mr. Burt is also active in local and international public service and community organizations. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, the Western Stars Sports Club, and the Devonshire Recreation Club. 

Premier Burt and his wife Kristin have two children, Nia and Edward. 

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The Office of the Premier

The Premier is the head of government, and there is a multi-party system.

Bermuda is the oldest self-governing British Overseas Territory and has a great degree of internal autonomy. Its parliament held its first session in 1620, making it the third-oldest continuous parliament in the World.

The original system of government was created under the Virginia Company, which colonised Bermuda, accidentally in 1609, and deliberately from 1612. The Virginia Company lost its Royal Charter for North America ("Virginia") in 1622, and the Crown assumed responsibility for the administration of the continental colony. Bermuda, however, passed in 1615 to a new company, The Somers Isles Company (The Somers Isles being the other official name of the colony), formed by the same shareholders. The House of Assembly was created under that company, which continued to appoint Governors until it was dissolved in 1684, with the Crown assuming responsibility for the Colony's administration.

The Crown left in place the political system created under the Company. The Colonial Parliament originally consisted only of the lower house. The Privy Council, an appointed body, served in the roles of an upper house and a cabinet. The President of The Council could find himself temporarily acting as Governor when no Governor was present.

History of the Premier

  Name Took Office Left Office Political Party
1 Sir Edward Richards 18 April 1973 29 December 1975 United Bermuda Party
2 Sir John Sharpe 29 December 1975 30 August 1977 United Bermuda Party
3 Sir David Gibbons 30 August 1977 15 January 1982 United Bermuda Party
4 Sir John Swan 15 January 1982 25 August 1995 United Bermuda Party
5 Dr. David Saul 25 August 1995 27 March 1997 United Bermuda Party
6 Dame Pamela F. Gordon 27 March 1997 10 November 1998 United Bermuda Party
7 Dame Jennifer Smith 10 November 1998 29 July 2003 Progressive Labour Party
8 Hon. Alex Scott 29 July 2003 30 October 2006 Progressive Labour Party
9 Dr. Ewart Brown 30 October 2006 29 October 2010 Progressive Labour Party
10 Hon. Paula Cox 29 October 2010 18 December 2012 Progressive Labour Party
11 Hon. Craig Cannonier 18 December 2012 19 May 2014 One Bermuda Alliance
12 Hon. Michael Dunkley 20 May 2014 18 July 2017 One Bermuda Alliance
13  Hon. E. David Burt 19 July 2017 present  Progressive Labour Party

Government Leaders (1968–1973)

# Name Took Office Left Office Political Party
1 Sir Henry Tucker 10 June 1968 29 December 1971 United Bermuda Party
2 Sir Edward Richards 29 December 1971 18 April 1973 United Bermuda Party