Dementia Care in Bermuda

Overview: The Ministry of Social Development and Seniors and Ageing and Disability Services launched Dementia Care in Bermuda, an educational campaign to empower family caregivers, care professionals, and members of the general public to collectively enhance the quality of life for those in our community who need support living with cognitive change.  

Dementia Care in Bermuda resources:-

  • Ageing and Disability Services (ADS) assists with connecting seniors and persons with physical, cognitive, or developmental disabilities and their caregivers with services and resources to support them.
  • Dementia Helpcards from the Ministry of Social Development and Seniors

Dementia Helpcards are for people with dementia to carry to make it easier for them to ask for help or assistance when they are out in the community. 

They contain basic information about the holder, such as their name and the contact details for their caregivers. 

Cards can be obtained from the Ministry between Monday and Friday by calling 444-2466 or

  • Panel Discussion: What is Dementia? and Caregiving and Controlling Frustrations

  • Panel Discussion: Dementia Training Resources Online, Hiring In-Home Help, Community Care Options/Day Care, Emotional Well-Being Hotline, Protection, and Welfare, Preventative and Advance Directives, and Power of Attorney

  • Panel Discussion: The Power of Essential Oils for Caregivers and Persons Living with Dementia